E waste Recycling Centers Tamil Nadu

Currently, there are a number of e waste recycling centers Tamil Nadu engaged in the scientific and systematic management of the electronic wastes generated by the huge infusion and use by the consumers and professionals for various purposes/activities like entertainment or professional utilities. These electronic wastes, over the long years, have accumulated significantly, giving rise to the fear of health and environmental consequences.


It is about time to pay our attention for the proper management of the e-wastes to offset the inimical consequences they may have on us. This may involve hiring the professional expertise of the e-waste management service providers on regular basis. Along with the state government, the corporate entities, local-self government bodies and non-government organizations should come forward for finding appropriate solutions to handle the problem in a practical manner.


To manage the problems of e-wastes in the state of Tamil Nadu, it is necessary to establish a number of e-waste collection and recycling centers, supervised by government authorities and linked to the authorized e-waste management companies. The e-waste disposal and recycling companies can further be encouraged to chip in by establishing additional collection centers of their own for e-wastes deposit in various suitable places for eventual recycling of the scraps in their own recycling centers.


The e-waste collection and recycling activities are inclusive and efforts can be made to strengthen as collaborative endeavors between the government and the professional e-waste management companies for approaching the issue comprehensively.


It is a pressing need of the hour that in order to get rid of the menace of the e-waste in Tamil Nadu, the State Pollution Control Board (or any similar bodies of the government) can devise plans to suitably tackle the current problems of e-waste generation, dispersal and accumulation in the state by enlisting the services of academic experts and scientists from universities and research bodies of repute, working in this area.

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