Virogreen India Pvt Ltd has been offering seamless e-waste management solutions to all small and large firms since 2002. Our hard work and devotion to our services have made us topped the position among all e-waste disposal companies in Tamil Nadu. We are among few e-waste recycling companies who has certified under Central Pollution control Board in India. Since all these years we are successfully maintained our top position by providing impeccable services to our clients in all over India.

Our top services for you

Complete solutions to organizational e-waste management

With new rules and regulations formulated by CPCB in 2016, it has now became the responsibility of all the companies to take care of their unused electronic scraps. We provide a comprehensive e-waste management solutions to all small and large firms.

Collection and transportation

We start by collecting e-wastes from the pick-up stations of sellers, retailers and distributors. The secured vehicles transport them to our locations for further treatment. The logistic team are well trained on handling the toxic elements to have zero degree of expose to the nearby environment.


After the wastes get transported to our vicinity, we use all the safety methods to store them based on their level of toxicity. All the hazardous products such as ‘lead and mercury’ based products, dead batteries, CRT monitors have different safety vaults those keep them isolated from getting in touch with each other.

Segregation and dismantling

All the end-of-the-life products are segregated first from products so that they can be salvaged for recycling purpose.

Recycling and Disposal

Parts are recycled keeping in mind their possibility to be used as raw materials or resale purpose, so that they can act as real money spinners for the organization.

Benefits you are going to achieve

Legal Compliance

we take care of the e-wastes according to the rules and regulation formulated by CPCB. Associating with us will ensure that all your work is carried through legal procedures.

All solutions at doorstep

we take care of all the above processes on our behalf, saving you from a long process.

Timely completion of work

with our advanced technology, trained operators and under one roof operations has helped us to complete the time of service even before the target date.

We aim for a long-term relationship

We handle one client’s work at one time rather than managing multiple clients at once. Before carrying the work, we conduct a brief discussion with our customers and work according to their needs and expectations.

Lowest cost of Service

we provide you with the lowest price as compared to other waste recycling services in Tamil Nadu without compromising with the quality.

If you have any further queries those need immediate attention, feel free to contact us by mail or in our 24X7 helpline number.